Book Review: The Alchemist

Finished my first book of 2015: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

Though I plan to write my full thoughts & reflections on it later, I must say how relieved I am to start reading novels again, it’s been too long.

This novel tells of a young shepherd boy’s quest in search of a treasure, narrating his encounters with various figures along the way, each of whom serve as a guide & as a valuable lesson for him along his quest. And thus throughout his arduous journey, these encounters teach us lessons about concepts which on the surface appear to be binary opposites, like free will & destiny, love & fear, failure & success, showing us that perhaps, these concepts do not necessarily conflict, but rather coexist as different pieces of the same puzzle; the puzzle we call life. The story emphasizes the importance of discovering your “Personal Legend,” or your unique calling, and never giving up on it. And so, as the boy seeks out his treasure – his Personal Legend – we’re shown the transformative power of listening to your heart, tapping into your potential, and pursuing your dreams, culminating in what I interpret to be the most valuable lesson of all: that the real “treasure” we seek is in fact within us.

This was a simple yet profound piece of literature, and I’m disappointed in myself that I waited this long to pick it up, but so glad I finally got to it. Go read it!

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