Readings: Week of 12/18/16

Masha Gessen Readings

Masha Gessen is a Russian-American writer, philosopher, and activist who has written extensively on authoritarianism and autocracy as they relate to Vladimir Putin’s Russia. She grew up in a Jewish family and her great-grandfather was part of the Jewish resistance in World War II Europe (he joined the resistance after realizing that working “within the system” to save his people proved futile). As a part of history, her story is captivating, but as a part of reality, it is also foreboding.

Gessen published two important articles this week, but along with them I’m also sharing two older ones she’s written. Personally, I think all four are required readings. This is also the order in which they should be read:

  1. Autocracy: Rules for Survival (New York Review of Books)
  2. Trump: The Choice We Face (New York Review of Books)
  3. The Putin Paradigm (New York Review of Books)
  4. Arguing the Truth with Trump and Putin (New York Times)

American Politics


Other Middle East


Extra: Most Read Stories – New York Times





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