My Fall 2019 TA Schedule

I will, God willing, be TA (Teaching Assistant) for two New York University (NYU) courses at the Wagner School of Public Service during Fall 2019. Each course is co-taught by two instructors, all of whom are or have been mentors of mine in some capacity during my time at NYU as an undergrad and even after. The first course centers leadership and purpose, and the second focuses on the Islamic tradition as it evolved through time and space. On a personal level, both of these courses speak to my interests at the intersection of Islamic Studies and community engagement/growth.

All of the instructors have contributed significantly to advancing the advancement of our communities and are well-recognized experts in their areas of focus. I would strongly recommend taking at least one or both if you are able to.

Below are the course details if you are an NYU undergraduate student interested in enrolling:


Course Name: What Really Matters? Leadership with No Regrets
Instructors: Khalid Latif and Yael Shy
Meeting Times: Wednesdays, 2:00 PM — 3:15 PM
Course Code: UPADM-GP . 260 — 2 points
Course Description: In study after study, people lying on their deathbeds overwhelmingly say they regret five things at their end of their life: 1. Not living a life of authenticity 2. Working too hard at the expense of their relationships 3. Not having the courage to express their feelings 4. Not staying in touch with friends. 5. Not letting themselves be happier. For leaders, it’s not any different. This course unpacks each of these “regrets” with readings, exercises, meditation, deep listening, skill development and leadership theory, examining historical and contemporary answers to the question of what really matters in life, and providing the space for students to grapple with the question themselves.


Course Name: Legal and Ethical Approaches to Islam
Instructors: Faiyaz Jaffer and Suhaib Webb
Meeting Times: Wednesdays, 3:30 PM — 4:45 PM
Course Code: UPADM-GP . 251 — 2 points (Can be taken for 4 points)
Course Description: In this course, we will study “shari’ah,” the primary legal and ethical tradition of Islam. First, we will briefly cover the historical development of shari’ah. Then we will turn to the contemporary era, and examine the articulation of shari’ah in regard to a variety of concrete issues. It is hoped that by the end of the course, the student will have a greater appreciation for the complexity of shari’ah, and its continued relevance in today’s legal and ethical debates both nationally and internationally.

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